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Anonymous asked: I wonder as kate still suffering hyperesis gravidarium as cancel upon meeting Singapore president, think she would be forced to cancel New York events?


well now we have seen her out and about the HG excuse may not work as well

One time!!!!! One freaking time she was out!!! To the freaking doctors!!!

Anonymous asked: she canceled the Singapore State greeting visit? i dont think so, the Clarence house hasn't made any announcement like this, but since this new picture has come out with her looking happy, healthy with much weight on her thighs.. if they do announce she cannot do the visit.. I'm done: ) lol, i cant anymore. she would just become a huge joke. so hopefully she does attend because she didn't seem severely ill and unable to move.. she was even wearing heels. for her reputation sake,I pray she goes.

I take it you’ve never been pregnant…
Shaking my damn head.



when the teacher comes around to collect your homework